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Two Easy Methods to Check Tire Tread

Method 1  Examining the Treadwear Indicator Bar


1. Examine your tire to locate the treadwear indicator bars molded into the tread grooves. These "bars" are located at the bottom of tread grooves in various locations all over your tire, and can help you visibly determine whether your tire tread is low.


2. Check to see whether the treadwear bars are flush with the adjacent ribs. If so, this means your tire tread measures in at two thirty-second of an inch, and the tire should be replaced.

Method 2 Using a Tread Depth Gauge


1. Purchase a tire tread depth gauge from any auto parts store.


2. Place the end of the probe into any tread groove on your tire.


3.Push down on the base of the gauge until the shoulders of the device lie flat against the tread block.


4.Grab the barrel of the gauge and carefully remove the device from the groove without touching the probe.


5.Make note of the tread depth reading.


6.Repeat steps #2 through #5 on various parts of the tire. This allows you to find out whether any grooves in your tire measure higher than two thirty-second of an inch, and whether your tire needs replacing.

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